Our Services

On this page you will notice all the services provided and managed through us at prime gate

Managed Services

Optical Fiber & Copper Network Operations & Maintenance

  1. Preventive Maintenance
  2. Corrective Maintenance
  3. Change & Configuration Management
  4. Spare Parts Management
  5. Incident Management
  6. Business Continuity & Emergency Services
  7. Security Management

  8. Performance Management

  9. Emergency Services

  10. Patrolling Management

Technology Edge Services

  1. Managed Router Services
  2. Wi-Fi Services (Survey, Design & Implementation)
  3. ATHEER (Wireless Connectivity)
  4. Digital Converter


Internet of Things

  1. Survey, Design & Implementation for Smart Homes IoT
  2. Smart Home Platform
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Home Monitoring & Security (Video Surveillance)

Connected Devices

  1. Lighting

  2. HVAC

  3. Home Appliances


OSP Civil

  1. Site Survey& Design

  2. Municipality/Ministry of Transportation Coordination & Permit

  3. Excavation

  4. Duct Installation

  5. Manhole/Handhole Installation

  6. Milling and Paving

OSP Optical Fiber/Copper

  1. Optical Fiber/Copper Cable Laying

  2. Fusion Splicing, Termination and Copper Cable Jointing

  3. ODF/ODB Installation and Termination

  4. OTDR Testing & Trouble Shooting

  5. FTTH /MSAN Cabinet Installation

  6. Documentation (As Built)

  7. Optical Fiber Tier II testing (OTDR), Power Mater

  8. Chromatic Dispersion/Polarization Mode Dispersion Testing


  1. Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Power Cable Installation

  2. Medium Voltage Substation Installation

  3. Overhead Power lines Installation

  4. Power Pole’s Installation

  5. Water Pipelines Installation

  6. Sewerage Pipelines Installation

  7. Aggregation Pipeline Installation

Telecom Network Services

Wireless Connectivity

  1. Radio Access Networks (RAN) (4G/5G)

  2. Macro Cells

  3. Microwave and Backhaul Transmission

  4. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

  5. Wi-Fi Wireless Access Points (Indoor & Outdoor)

Active & Passive Equipment Installation, Troubleshooting, Commissioning & Integration

Telecommunications Civil Works

Telecommunications’ Towers

  • Site Design & Preparation
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Permiter Fence
  • Tower Erection
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Power & Solar
  • Earthing & Bonding

TAHAKUM Civil Works

  • Trenching & Excavation
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Poles Installation
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Power Connectivity
  • Earthing & Bonding

Power Solutions

Supply & Installation

  • Low Current Systems
  • Fire Fighting
  • Solar Cells
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Generators
  • Earthing & Bonding

Smart Meters

  • Installation of power smart meters
  • Managed Services for SCECO Network


Telecom Field Sales

Channels by STC

Fiber To The Home Internet Of Things


Fiber To The Home 5G Router


Fiber To The Home 5G Router


Fiber To The Home

Information Technology

Passive Network Infrastructure

  • Supply & Installation of Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Consultancy and RFP generation
  • Site Audits and Passive Infrastructure health check services
  • Documentation of existing installation via Automated Infrastructure Management solution and related standards

  • Infrastructure as a Service (Managed Services)

Network Solutions

  • Physical Mounting and hardware health check
  • Software/Firmware check and upgrade
  • Advanced Network configuration
  • Advanced Security configuration
  • IP Telephony Installation & Configuration
  • Systems & Storage Installation & Configuration
  • IP TV Installation & Configuration

Physical Security

Supply & Installation of:

  • Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Access Control Systems

Video Management System Installation

Operation & Maintenance of existing VS installation

Site Surveys and Design Professional Services

Special Services

  • Cyber Security Installation & Configuration
  • Software & Hardware
  • Security Firewall Configuration
  • Operation & Maintenance/Managed Services
  • Content Management (ECM)
  • Backup & Archiving Solutions
  • Application & Software Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Content Management (ECM)
  • Backup & Archiving Solutions
  • Consultancy Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • PMO
  • NOC & SOC Room Solutions

Data Center Facilities

Supply & Installation of:

  • Data Centers 
  • Main Equipment Rooms

Data Center Infrastructure Management Software/Hardware Installation

Site Audits and DC health check services

Consultancy and RFP generation (in alliance with key DC consultants)

Prime Gate with STC

  • Managed Services
  • Outside Plant
  • Internet of Things
  • Telecom Field Sales FTTH

Current Projects with  Saudi Telecom Company

  • Delivery & Assurance
  • Last Mile

Potential/Future Projects with STC

  • IT System Integration
  • FTTH Materials Supply
  • Off-loading OSP Infrastructure
  • Fiber Access Network & Active Access Network

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